Micayla's Hope

Micayla Anne Patterson

:: March 16, 1993 – September 3, 2010 :: 

Micayla Patterson was born on March 16, 1993. Chris and I were only eighteen years old, and had no idea how much that little warm bundle of love would change our lives. She was a beautiful baby with a smile that lit up every room, store, or place we went. Yes, Micayla stole our hearts from the moment we laid eyes on her, and that love continued to grow every single day.

Micayla grew into a hilarious little girl with a personality that kept our home filled with joy and laughter. She loved outdoors, music, animals, the beach, and Jesus. Micayla was everyone’s friend, including ours. As she became a teenager, she blossomed into a stunning young woman yet never lost sight of who she was or whose she was. She taught me more about life than anyone ever has. She was wise beyond her years, and truly grasped what it meant to love others. God blessed us with 17 1/2 years with our baby girl… what a gift indeed.

We are eternally grateful that He entrusted us with her until He called her home on September 3, 2010 after a tragic vehicle accident. It has been 5 years now since we saw Micayla face to face and heard her say “I love you” yet we continue to cling to Gods promises every single day, and have experienced peace in the midst of the worst pain fathomable to any parent. Our prayer is that through iCHOOSEhope, we can continue to share the HOPE that we have in knowing we will see our daughter again. Why? Because Micayla had a relationship with Jesus Christ. It is that simple. The free gift that God has offered to each of us, including you, was received by our baby girl, and we know without a doubt that we will see her again.

Life is hard. It’s a fact. However, there IS something more to this life. We don’t have to endure our struggles and agonizing circumstances alone. God desires to walk with us and be our comforter and our deliverer. He has been that for us and He wants to be that for you…