Speaking Engagements


Becky PattersonBecky Patterson Speaks About Hope

…has traveled throughout the Midwest area sharing her story of how she continues to choose hope. Through becoming a teen mom, losing her mother to cancer, to her own fight with cancer, and now the death of her daughter Becky brings real life tragedies and struggles to the forefront alongside the message of hope. She has spoken in schools, churches, camps and at special events.

The message that Becky brings includes her passion with parenting and the uniqueness of mother/daughter relationships and truly fulfilling the role of the parent that every child needs. She also speaks on attaining intimacy with Christ- why we need it and how to have it. With whatever topic she is speaking on, she brings the core truth of accepting brokenness, finding strength through Christ, and of clinging to the hope we have in Christ when that is all that is left. If you are interested in having Becky share at your event please email us at iCHOOSEhope.


“The Fayetteville High School FCA was blessed this past spring to have Becky Patterson as a speaker. The lunchtime attendance far exceeded any previous FCA meeting. Her words were inspriring, her message convincing and the impact for our students continues today. I could fill an auditorium with those offering praise of her message. I would rather fill an auditorium with speakers like Becky Patterson!” –Mr. Steve Jacoby, Fayetteville High School Principal

“Becky‚Äôs straight to the point message is much needed today as our young people are hearing so many mixed messages from our culture. Becky captured the attention of our team in a way I had not witnessed before as she shared her story of hope and faith in our Lord. Having Becky Patterson is a must for your team or youth group.” –Coach Barry Lunney, BHS Football

“I have had the privilege of knowing Becky for over 10 years. I have witnessed her walk with Jesus. I have also been blessed to be present at numerous speaking engagements where Becky has spoken. Becky allows the Lord to be glorified through her testimony. She is extremely transparent as she shares her emotions, her struggles, her salvation experience and how she chooses to hope and trust in her King. Becky is real. She is relevant and she allows the Lord to use her to be a world changer for Jesus Christ. I believe lives are forever impacted after hearing Becky speak of her faith and her God.” –Stacy Falcon

“Becky brought a tender story to the NWA Beautiful Girls Retreat. It is a story of loss, trajectory to a place she could never have imagined, and definition to the purpose of life God has given each one of us. It’s a story of victory because of Christ. Her story left a roomful of hearts keenly aware of the fragility of life, appreciative of the opportunity to get serious about the mark we leave behind. Becky has encouraged me personally to never quit, no matter the opposition! Simply, God has used her life to invest and pour into ours. She teaches me to choose hope.” Elizabeth Britt Bramel, NWA Momentum Ministries